Board Members

Carolyn Seely Wiener, Chairman – Attorney at Law
Wendy W. Luers, President – The Foundation for a Civil Society
Countess Maria Beatrice Arco – American Asset Corporation
Adrian A. Basora – Foreign Policy Research Institute
George Biddle – World Connect
Catherine Cabaniss – Artist
Slavka B Glaser – J.P. Morgan
James Greenfield – Independent Journalism Foundation
Jeanne L. Hilsinger – CEO Mavel A.S.
James F. Hoge – Teneo Intelligence
Geoffrey Hoguet – GRH Holdings
Rona Kiley – Teach First/Education Consultant
Charlotta Kotik – Curator
Jennifer Lee-DeLaurentis – United Nations (RET)
Katerina Mathernova – European Commission
Pavel Oliva – Rock Hill Global
Timothy Phillips – Beyond Conflict
Marica Vilcek – The Vilcek Foundation