Wendy speaking at the opening of The Foundation for a Civil Society joint international Young Visual Artists Awards (YVAA) exhibition at the Slovak National Gallery in 2011, with the US Ambassador Tod Sedgwick and his wife Kate. Part of the Young Visual Artist Awards Program, the exhibition brought together artists from the ten different countries from Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkans


Wendy and Bill Luers at home in New York City in 2015.


ln October 2011, Wendy organized a symposium titled “The Lion and the Eagle: Czech-American Relations through the Eyes of Envoys” held at the Foreign Ministry in Prague, Here she is pictured with the former and current Ambassadors to/from the Czech Republic. (Left to Right-Front Row) Ambassador William Cabaniss, Ambassador Petr Kolár, Wendy Luers, and Ambassador Michael Žantovsky. (Left to Right – Back row) Ambassador Craig Stapleton, Ambassador Petr Gandalovic, Ambassador John Shattuck, Ambassador Martin Palouš, Ambassador Alexandr (Sasha) Vondra, Ambassador Norm Eisen, and Ambassador William Luers.


Wendy Luers (right) with Polly Kraft and Václav Havel at Hrádecek in the summer of 1989.


Wendy, Václav Havel, Kveta Dienstbierová, Petr Pithart, William Luers and Karel Schwarzenberg gather at U Sedmi Andelu restaurant at President Havel’s inaugural dinner hosted by the Luers and Miles Glaser on December 28, 1989 – the night before his swearing in as President of free Czechoslovakia.


Walking down 5th Avenue in New York City en route to the Metropolitan Museum of Art is Wendy (left), Václav Havel (center), the new president of Czechoslovakia, and Ambassador William Luers. The photo was taken in Feb. 1990.


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