The Iran Project

The Iran Project began in 2002 with the United Nations Association of the
USA and Rockefeller Brother’s Fund, and became an independent project
under the auspices of the non-profit organization Foundation for a Civil
Society in 2009.  For nearly a decade our objectives have aimed to reduce
misunderstandings between Iran and the U.S. by establishing ongoing
informal dialogues with Iranian counterparts, and to inform senior U.S.
Government officials and members of Congress on the content of our talks.
The Iran project has three main objectives: to promote an official
U.S.-Iran dialogue, to develop a peaceful resolution to the nuclear
standoff, and to encourage greater cooperation between the U.S. and Iran
for greater regional stability.  We have also written numerous articles,
op-eds, and maintain regular contact with journalists and columnists in
major media outlets across the country on issues pertaining to Iran.
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